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Online Corporate Order FormSaturday, January 20, 2018  

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Incorporating & Qualification Orders
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Incorporating and Qualification Orders
  • Incorporating refers to the initial formation or filing of a business
  • Qualification is the term used for registering a business in a State
          other than the initial incorporating State (Fill in Blue Italicized fields
          only if requesting a qualification)

  • Information about the company
    Name of Corporation or LLC:
    Please indicate your ending:

    The name of the corporation must contain one of the following words "Association," "Company," "Corporation," "Club," "Foundation," "Fund," "Incorporated," "Institute," "Society," "Union," "Syndicate," or "Limited or abbreviation of any of the above."

    An "LLC" must end with LLC or L.L.C. or Limited Liability Company. If you DO NOT specify, we will use "LLC".
    If first choice is not available, name should be:
    State of Incorporation or Formation:
    For Qualifications, the original date of incorporation in the home state:
    Most States require a supporting document(s) such as a good standing. Do you want RALS to order:
    State of Qualification:
    (If more than one state, note in Special Instructions at bottom of this form)
    Type of Corporation:
    Principal Activity of Company:

    Name and Address of Director(s)

    (Many states require just one director, who may also be an officer)
    Name #1:
    Address #1:
    Name #2:
    Address #2:

    If you have more than 2 Directors, please e-mail their names and addresses to

    Names of Officers or Members (We prepare LLC's as member managed unless you indicate you want manager managed in the special instructions section below)

    (One person may hold all offices in many States)
    Vice President:

    Corporate Stock
    Number of Shares of Stock: We will automatically form your corporation with 1,500 shares at no par value or the number which qualifies for the minimum incorporating fees in your state unless you instruct otherwise.
    Par Value per Share:
    For Qualifications: The number of shares authorized.

    Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC will provide or arrange registered agent services unless you indicate otherwise. If you will NOT use our registered agent services, please fill out:/TD>
    Agent Name:
    Agent Address:

    Registered Agent Service Only
    This is a filing RALS will not be doing. RALS will set up the account and then provide our agent address.
    This is a Change of Agent to RALS, FREE in most states with annual agent fee (RALS will prepare forms for signature and then file)
    Complete the following along with the Billing section and Billing Options section which follows.
    Company name as it will be filed:
    Contact name, phone & fax:
    Incorporation/Formation Info: State:
    Jurisdictions for which we will act as Agent:
    (Please list States, State ID#, Date Authorized, & Name Authorized Under)

    Services Requested
    State Incorporation Filing Fee (all related service fees for drafting and filing have been included in this fee)
    State Qualification Filing Fee (fee for drafting and filing has been included)
    Note: most States will also require a supporting document(s) such as a certificate of good standing
    Registered Agent Fee $99
    + $99 for each additional State
    Change of Agent to us, FREE with annual Registered Agent Fee.
    Additional Registered Agent Fee if invoiced to Non-USA address $26
    Corporate or LLC Kit $75
    Employer Identification Number (EIN) Package $40 (We will contact you for the Social Security Number of Principal Officer)
    S-Corporation Election Service Prep $25
    Mail Forwarding Service $300

    Special Instructions and Suggestions on how we can improve this web site
    If you have comments, suggestions or special instructions with your order, please note them here.

    Billing, tax reports and legal documents should be sent to:
    State:    Zip Code:
    Web Site Address:

    By completing this form, we certify that neither Registered Agents Legal Services, LLC nor any of its employees or agents have provided us with any legal or financial advice.

    Billing Options
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           (for Law Firms and Law Departments of Corporations only)
    Please charge my credit card (enter card info after verifying order)

    Wire Transfer Payment: Please contact our office for instructions.

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